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Your Guide.

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Lionaides, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Lionaides

    Lionaides Active Member

    Just made for new players that don't understand the server, Let's start.
    Read these:
    Forum: http://forum.silkroad.ws/help/terms

    And this: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/make-your-account-safe.5291/#post-22574

    Rebirth System:
    A part of the game system whenever you can do it you become stronger than you are.

    1st: There are 400 free rebirths, after you do your first rebirth you become 401 rbs.
    2nd: Max rebirths you can get 1750.
    3rd: You have to be level 110 to do a rebirth.
    4th: You can rebirth instantly without need to get level 110, 1 instant rebirth costs 15 rebirth points.
    5th: You can get more rebirth points by converting vp and xp.
    6th: 1 Rebirth point = 75 vp = 25 xp.

    How to Rebirth?: Go to play.silkroad.ws
    - Login with your account >> Characters >> Your Character >> Rebirth
    - Put your points either at str or int >> Apply

    Donating&Voting System: A part of the game system which helps at Item Forge.
    1st: You can convert either vp or xp to Rebirth Points and Silk.
    2nd: You can convert 3 vp into 1 xp, and 1 xp into 1 vp.
    3rd: You can buy Avatar Sets by vp or xp.
    4th: You can buy Items from the Item Forge with vp or xp, Once you forge the item you'll find it in your storage.

    How to Vote?: Go to http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/how-to-vote-properly.6008/
    How to get XP?
    - Donating rewards you with xp.
    - Converting coins rewards you with xp.

    How to get Gold?
    - By Doing NPC trades normally.
    - By Alchemy.
    - Selling vp or xp for In-Game players.
    - Selling coins that can be gained from Holy water temple.

    How to get 12Degree Items?
    - You have to get 11Degree Egy B items first which are upgradable to 12D
    - You have to be sure that you have enough xp and vp for upgrade: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/update-upgrading-cost.2459/

    - Put your item in first slot of storage >> Login at website >> Logout from game >> Item Forge >> 12Degree >> Select Item >> Upgrade.

    Holy Water Temple (HWT)
    - There are three difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.
    - You can enter twice per difficulty.
    - You're not able to enter Intermediate and Advance difficulties till you do the both first and second Blue Zerk Quests which can be explained here:-

    How to get Captain or Knight Title: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/blue-zerk-lvl-95-quest.681/#post-3991
    How to get General or Baronet: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/lvl-100-baronet-general-quests.683/#post-3995
    How to get Senior General or Baron: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/quest-level-105-senior-general-baron.684/#post-3996
    How to get Cheif General or Count: http://forum.silkroad.ws/threads/silkroad-count-chief-110-lvl-quest-guide.799/

    Rebirth trade guide by Katukas
    You get lv 110, change job and spawn transport fill it up then rebirth. After rebirthing your transport will be full and you will be lv 1, the thiefs that will spawn will be too weak to kill your transport. If you wish to keep doing trades just log off with the transport slots full or else the amount you can use will reset. You can sell items at lv 1 but must be lv 20 to buy goods, just level up :D put all stat points to str when you rebirth trade so npc theifs can't kill you if you for some reason decide to dismount.

    Some tips by Ahrii
    As the limit of accounts is 25 by players (included your main). I advice to :
    - Create those 25 accounts.
    - Later, when you will have time, you will need at least one char level 60 minimum to be able to vote on each accounts.
    - Create chars on those accounts then play to Magic POP. If you want to do this once by week, you can delete chars as soon as you played.

    Admitting you will keep one char for vote, you will be able to create 75 chars. So 75 times playing.

    The reward if you fail could be (interesting ones I mean) :
    - Vigor recovery grains (50) ==> sold like 1.5 b on stalls.
    - MP recovery grains (50) ==> sold like 0.2 b on stalls.
    - HP recovery grain (50) ==> sold like 1 b on stalls
    - zerk scroll ==> sold like 2 b on stalls (dunno why)
    - damage or defense scroll ==> sold like 0.25 b on stalls
    - Reverse return scroll ==> sold like 0.4 b on stalls.
    Those prices are just indicative ones of course.
    And of course, if you play for the item you want, and you are lucky, you will get your item (sun D10 (very low rate I think, never drop), Gold dragon flag (correct drop), etc ...).

    I estimate that the full creation and playing is like 2 hours. Knowing that for each char created, you have reverse returned scrolls offered dear to the premium on new comers. I think new comers will get like 15 - 20b by selling at the end.

    A nova set D11 basic would cost maximum 5b and depending on the weapons you want, it will cost like 10 more (approximatively 4b for NOVA bow, 5b for daggers, 5b for staff, 1.5b for glavie, 1b for blade ... and so on :) ).

    It's a good start I guess ^^. Having a egy set is another story :)

    That's all, Thank you for your time and I hope it help you, people.

    Feel free to ask any Question.
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  2. semon

    semon New Member

  3. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member

    Moved to proper category and made it sticky, great job btw. :p
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