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Socket Alchemy

Discussion in 'Alchemy' started by MuP, May 16, 2013.

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  1. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member

    Hi guys.

    Alot of people asking me how to add socket stones on a weapon or chest, so I decided to make a tutorial for all of you. ^^

    First of all go to a Grocery Trader in Alexandria.
    Buy 1-3 "Magic Stone of Socket" (green) and a "Socket Stone" (purple) you want to add to your weapon or chest.

    To buy a "Socket Stone" there is a requirement - you have to pay in Copper Coins and/or in Iron Coins.
    The "Magic Stone of Socket" is needed to make free slots on your weapon/chest.


    If you bought the mentioned Stones you are ready for Socket Alchemy:

    1) Open the Alchemy Window and choose "Socket Alchemy" on the left edge.

    2) Put in your weapon/chest on the top slot.
    3) First click "Make Socket" and then on the sealed slots to unseal them. (Requirement - Magic Stone of Socket)

    4) Now you can add the "Socket Stone" on the unsealed slots through drag-and-drop.

    5) A window open who asks you whether you want to insert the stone into the selected slot. Click "Yes".

    6) Mission completed.

    How to use the buff?
    Close the Alchemy window and dress up with your weapon/chest.
    Now right-click the Item so that you can see the Socket Stone.
    You can put the Socket Stone to your skillbar through drag-and-drop.

    Also I want to add that there are different levels of Socket-Buffs:
    It's about luck which level you will get.
    If the level is too low, you can easily remove the Socket Stone from your weapon/chest with the "Destruction Rondo" from Item Mall and try your luck again.
    The higher the level, the better the buff.

    You can use max 3 Stones on a weapon/chest, max 1 of the same type.
    For example you can't add 2 Socket Stone of Concentration on the same Item.

    Have fun with Socket Alchemy. =P

    Credits : LeRox
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