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Rebirth Scammed char

Discussion in 'Abuse Report' started by Modestas1996, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Modestas1996

    Modestas1996 Old Member

    Hello, first of all i want to say im BoN char real owner, old players like Phedra know that char was scammed :D yea it was.
    Second it was scammed before 1 year. Idk how becuse nobudy know my ID or PW. probably its Server mistake.
    I try ask mup help...it take 3 days to get atrention for him on me. And u need to say what mup did? Nothing:D yea Mup u do nothing. He ask my Email..i told him it is Modekss...he say i cant help char email is Modess...i miss one letter...but idk before mup dont told me... :D so ask your self do i have chanch to say email and miss only one letter?:D Yea but Mup doont even check IP... He just dont care :D
    From my brother and Friend i get msg that BoN is back. How? some1 play it and use for scams And boting.

    So thenk you Mup that in 1 years u just do nothing...u little ****** liker yes im mad becuse i spend time here...
    Tell me mup how some1 can scamm char without knowing ID and PW? u lost my char.

    This video shows how BoN botiing is bad quality but u can easy see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCsqAStrK60&feature=youtu.be

    Save your char and leave server your good friend real _BoN_... Mup bye u little horse *****

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