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Discussion in 'Apply for Game Advisor' started by Kid, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Kid

    Kid (★) 420 (★) Staff Member

    Heey there, here i want to give you some information about the Game Advisor role in the staff team :D
    As a Game Advisor you will need at least a SkypeID, one microphone would be nice too, where we can talk, not 24/7 ofc :p

    A Game Advisor, is the volunteer(player) who wants to give a helping hand.
    The things that he has to do, hmmh, nothing hard. Helping newcommers or other players with a polite answer to a question that they just
    don't know the answer to. Helping someone in a dungeons, you can name it in two words like "more friendly" :p

    The Game Advisor will receive a tag/title in front of his name [Advisor].
    And, as long as they are in-game, playing, answering a question or helping someone it's ok :p
    Also, we should act nice, with everyone, use a good vocabulary and respect each other.

    A Game Advisor is a volunteer! As a Game Advisor you are just a player that wants to give a helping hand, thank you for that.
    *You can later be promoted to Game Master!

    In order to Apply, if you got the mood to do it, please post a thread here clickmetoflyaway following the next example:

    Please use "Application by (Forum Name)" As thread title.

    "Let us know your name :p"
    My there, my name is Nick. Nice to meet you :p
    "Tell us something interesting about you"
    Actually, i'm from Krypton and my name is Kal-EL, ur next o_O
    "Why do you want do give us a helping hand"
    Because i really like the server, i like the players and it doesn't hurt to help someone.
    "What do you think about this server"
    Server is a-w-e-s-u-m
    "Is there something you don't like, something what you want to be changed?"
    I really don't like the rebirth system, i want you guys to change it!
    "Other things that you think that may be nice to read"
    I live under a rainbow, on a unicorn, smoking wuuut and reading books.
    SkypeID: myskypeid

    This was just a template, when you make it please do care about it :p

    You can give a positive or a negative feedback on each member staff application! It doesn't matter if you are a staff member or just a normal player. If you think that there is something to say, say it!
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