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long awaited chinese guide

Discussion in 'Chinese' started by mortal god, May 26, 2013.

  1. mortal god

    mortal god Active Member

    hello sorry the chin guide came late
    i'm happy i'm second one to post here and there is now 2 guides not created by mup:troll: :troll:
    bladers:they are the best tank in game because of having a sheild with them +that they are pure str characters
    if you read the uro guide you may be saying what is different from one hand sword +sheild and blade+sheild
    chinese characters have much less potion delay that is 1-3 seconds (i don't know for exact)hope a gm would confirm the exact number
    while uro chars have 8 second potion delay
    back to subject now bladers are phy dmg dealers like all other str characters in game but sadly there dmg is low but they attack faster them many others
    best armor: protector
    most common combination:blader-fire-lightning (together)
    special abilitys:can reduce a percentage of sheild block ratio to increase damage for certain time
    can knock enemys down on the floor and attack them
    has some debuffs with certain skills
    can attak from range with 2 magic attaks
    sworders:sworders are like bladers and use same skills but are int chracters known for using fire attacks to deal the strongest damage among chinese and equal damage to wizards skill is known as nuke among players
    best armor : "armor"
    most common combination:sworder-fire-cold
    special abilitys:same as bladers in all special abilitys exept that they can one shot any normal mob with a nuke
    glaiver:is a str character with medium attak rate and good damage
    best armor:garment
    most common combination:glaiver-cold-force
    special abilitys: can attak with one skill from range and the attak can peneret through 3 enemies with 35% damage reduction with each enemy
    can also increase magical block rate by 44% at max for one min and can increase magic defence by massive amount for one min
    most attaks can attak multi targets or penetrate through them
    spearer:spearer is int version or glaiver with same skills but magic damage
    best armor :"armor"
    most common combination:spearer-fire-cold
    special abilitys: same as glavier exept that being int allows usage of nukes with full damage
    bower:is a ranged str character with very high crit chance and good damage and nice attak rate
    best armor :garment
    most common combination :bower-fire
    special abilitys:can attak all target around him in certain range up to 5 targets can attak all targets around a mob
    in a small area
    can summon a hawk to attak or give a self buff
    can attak a target with five super fast arrows resulting in knocking the target away from the bower for a little distance
    that's it for characters but there are 4 forces in chin which are fire,lighting,cold,force
    which will be explained in another guide
  2. Teufelsengel

    Teufelsengel LoverBoyx3

    Nice Guide :)
    I Just wanna say something to Pots Delay ..

    China chars have 0,5sec Pots delay ...
    And Euro chars have 15sec not 8 ... this make eurochars very hard to play ;)
  3. mortal god2

    mortal god2 Active Member


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