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Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Teddi, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Teddi

    Teddi If I'm not needed to heal, I'll rain down death!

    Disclaimer: Everything I've learned here, I've been taught by other players or have just seen myself. More in depth information on leveling and money making are in the other guides on this forum. The title is so long because I want it to be easily found when people use Search.

    There are two ways to level, I'll talk about themseparately.
    The first time is the hardest part, since you have no rebirths and you are pretty soft. Never go full INT, you will die as soon as anything sneezes near you, full STR is the best way to go while leveling at any time.
    It's very easy to level on field or dungeon mobs. As long as you can kill them in one skill cast, they are worth grinding on till you can do the same to the next group.It's great for when you can't find a party to level with and you don't have to worry about dying while getting mobbed trying to kill the highest monster you can find. Use the check box at the bottom left of the large map to get an idea of where to train. It also allows you to find gear above Lv78.
    Qin-Shi Tomb near Jangan is great from Lv80-100.

    Guardians and Unique Arena:
    Guardians are normally high level players who have paused at Lv110, with reasonably high rebirths. They are found in Guardian Match making and they take players from Lv1-40 into their Academy. Often times leveling said players to Lv101 or even Lv110 if they promise to rebirth and return right away. This power leveling takes place in the Unique Arena, a place where high level monsters spawn and give a large amount of exp when killed. This is a favorable way to level up, though Guardian Match making is sometimes empty, some Guardians are to lazy to power level, and sometimes the arena is to full. The safest way to level here is to use some sort of stealth and sit in the middle of the arena, nothing can harm you and you are always in exp range of your Guardian. Otherwise you need to follow them carefully and give a large width to any Uniques you see.

    There is a video for it in the Help Center under > How to Rebirth <
    You must be Lv110, you must log out, you must have at least 1 rebirth point.
    You are given 10 free rebirth points, each rebirth gives 5 free stat points, on your first rebirth you are given 400 free rebirths on top of your first one for a total of 2005 stat points.

    Money A.K.A Gold:
    This isn't the best way to make money or so I believe, but it's one of the ways I use. It's safe, it's easy, anyone can do it, and how much you make is based on how much time you spend. You only have to worry about bored player thieves that happen to see you and happen to be a prick. You can go your whole game life without being killed by a player thief. Just becareful if you see other traders grouping, it may draw unwanted attention.
    It may take a while before you can afford a full load, but you have to start somewhere.
    With a full load I can get 1.2bil a trip.
    Here's a check list of things to do.
    1. Be Lv110
    2. Be a Merchant
    3. Buy 1 or 2 set(s) Recovery Kit (X-Large)
    4. Buy 1 set Abnormal state recovery potion (medium)
    5. Buy 2 and Summon 1 Silk White Elephant
    6. Load White Elephant with as much specialty goods you can afford
    7. Logout, rebirth, and log back in
    8. Go out of town, if you are near Lv20+ mobs, kill them to get to Lv20
    9. Go to next town, to not get off to kill NPC thieves, you can heal the transport no problem.
    10. If you aren't Lv20 yet, kill something, you need Lv20 to sell the goods.
    11. Reload White Elephant, you will still have the slots even if you log off, just do NOT dismiss it.
    12. Repeat steps 9 and 11, steps 3 and 4 as you see fit

    Extra things to know
    High level weapons and armor lose all their stats when you are to low level to wear them, even if you have them on.
    Thanks to > kimis99 <, I learned that the blue stats on gear you make from the Item Forge, sticks with you even at Lv1. So if you make 1st Degree armor set with +20 STR/INT, +4000 HP/MP, and Accessories with +20 STR/INT; it's called a rebirth set. For a base total of +24000 HP/MP and +200 STR/INT. It gives you the boost needed if you more often then not find yourself leveling on mobs. It's cheap VP wise and it's like having 40 extra rebirths stat wise, which is great. So even if you don't get the defense stats of a 11D armor set/weapons/accessories at Lv1, you can still get the blue stats and be at full power at Lv101 when you get there, but that can come when you can afford it.
    Another way to make money is to vote on more then one account, by changing your IP with something like Hotspot. Including your main account, you can vote legally on this server with 25 accounts. Please do not ask any questions about how to get it to work, though this server allows it, they do not give support for it.​
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  2. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member

    Sticky and closed, removed poll since is useless.
    Thank you for doing this thread.
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