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Introduction to Online Game Hacking

Discussion in 'Coders Den' started by redsees, May 8, 2016.

  1. redsees

    redsees 0xCC00FFEE

    Hey x30,

    You are totally right in the first part, instead doing hooks we can directly trace the send/recv functions/buffers in memory before being encrypted, but that needs a lot of assembly knowledge. Furthermore, reverse engineering executable files need also compilers, linkers, function call conventions, Windows internals, processor (on which the executable file runs) and high/medium level language translation conventions knowledge. I'm assuming that the one who reads my articles are totally new to the whole topic with a bare background in C/C++ or any high level language.
    So as a beginner, I'd rather make a very simply interceptor and try to link between actions in game and packets' bytes than to dig into hundreds/thousands of assembly lines.

    Concerning the definition of Hacking, that's strongly a matter of opinion. Personally, I'd like to go with the classical definition that defines the whole hacking culture as a community that's eager to learn and maximize their knowledge in a specific task in order to be able to almost fully understand it. What you do next is not hacking, so if we took your example, If I created a new model for a game in order to give me a specific advantage, I need first to understand how models are implemented in the game, make my own models editor, and understand the process of recompiling the models. Until here, that's called hacking in my dictionnary, if I then made a model to use in the game, that's an exploitation to the hack I've made earlier. So hack is learning and understanding how a specific task work. What goes after is called exploitation.
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  2. KratosTheLegand

    KratosTheLegand New Member

    Thx for the topic, I have been searching such guide to start coding from somewhere about SRO. I only have very bare C knowledge plus some Maths from university. I hope to see more from you ;)
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