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chinese force guide

Discussion in 'Chinese' started by mortal god, May 30, 2013.

  1. mortal god

    mortal god Active Member

    hello everyone i hope you are ready for alot of reading
    i'm happy i'm 3rd to post here and there is now 3 guides not created by mup:troll: :troll: :troll:

    forces are the essence of all chinese chars
    in this guide i will reccomend forces for each char
    explain advantages of all forces
    also will reccomend forces that will be totally useles for you
    forces are cold,fire,lightning,force
    cold is good for big monsters like giants and party giants because of it's abilitys to freeze or slow the movment and attak speed of monsters or
    players or uniques
    so you can run and the mob will not have any chance at following you or if you have low hp freezing the monster will give you time to regain hp
    for uniques it better to use 100% frosbitten skills as uniques have high resistant to cold and also will cure themselves from it much faster then mobs
    i recoment cold for int chars because of there low hp so they can't take hits without losing a good amount of hp so you really want to take the lowest number of hits in the most amount of time

    fire is a very good force if you need lots of mag dmg and also can add a little bit more dmg with burning mobs
    it's good if you are a spearer because you are melee so the mob attaks you just when you start attaking him so you want to deal as much amount of dmg to get rid of that mob fast it also has the nuke attak witch deals the largest amount of dmg in chn chars and equal dmg to wizards in eruo chars fire also has a buff to increase phy dmg by a percentage
    and also has a buff to increase magic defence and another buff to increase sheild block rate so you can guess it works only with sheild weilding chars
    i recomend fire for int chars as the nukes and the fire sword are useles to str chars
    also int chars need all the defence they can get
    i heavily recomend it for sworders to increase the benifit of there sheilds and also deal most amount of damage

    lightning is good to most chars for speed and ghost walk which will help cut long distances faster
    and ghost walk will help cut through a stack of of mobs without taking unneeded hits
    lightning does the same as cold but much weaker slowing ability and no freezing ability
    lightning has lihtning strikes which are almost same dmg as nukes but still less
    it has a buff to increase parry rate and another to increase mag dmg by a perecentage
    i recoment lightning for bowers to increase the distance between them and mobs by using ghost walk to go to the back so if you keep doing this you can be attaking the mob while it just runs towards you and you keep going further to the back

    force is used mostly to heal and res the dead chars also can cure really fast but only cures 2 random curses or debuffs but the skill has a low colldown time so when casting it finishes it is ready to be casted again
    but force also has skills to decrease attak rate and parry
    and can make 4 debuffs:divishion,weaken,decau,impontent with 80% chance
    and also can stun by 80% chance
    and can create a circle used to increase regen rate according to it's lvl and can prevent mobs from attaking you
    if you don't attak them
    i recomend force for players who like party playing because you can really help other party members
    and can protect the weaker members
    i also recomend it for str chars who deal weak damage comparing to int chars
    because the debuffs can really help deal much better damage
    thank you and wish you good gaming on silkroad WS
    if you would like to request a guide for a certain thing or certain char please post it in the comments
    and i will make the guide
    but don't make mup make any guides :troll:

    we have alot of mup guides already
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  2. NeroTrace

    NeroTrace 501st Joint Fighter Wing

    we didnt really need this here cause you know...
    my bet is almost all if not all of the players here have played silkroad before,and aleardy know all this...
    nonetheless,still good if we have any new silkroad users lurking around the forum
  3. Filter

    Filter Baby Snakes

    I welcome any guides ;) thanks and keep it going.
    It might be useful to mention rebirth option. Good info for new players would be how char rebirth reflects on skills ect... All that skill reset stuff :) and its dynamic nature.

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