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Back to school

Discussion in 'Official Notice & Announcement' started by MuP, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member


    School just started, we just got our first homework, everything is looking good.
    We understand that now you have less time for gaming and that's why we're opening
    6x Donation and Vote Event for a while, this way you can keep up with both, your homeworks and your game.

    Donate Event
    x6 Donate Rates for 11 days : 26.08.2016 ~ 04.10.2016
    x5 Donate Rates for 7 days : 05.09.2016 ~ 11.10.2016
    x4 Donate Rates for 4 days : 12.09.2016 ~ 15.10.2016

    Vote Event
    x6 Vote Rates for 11 days : 24.09.2016 ~ 04.10.2016
    x5 Vote Rates for 7 days : 05.10.2016 ~ 11.10.2016
    x4 Vote Rates for 4 days : 12.10.2016 ~ 15.10.2016

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