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Application by DUCATYY

Discussion in 'Apply for Game Advisor' started by kimo1212, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. kimo1212

    kimo1212 DUCATYY

    "Let us know your name :p"
    Hello there, my name is Karim El Sherif. its an honour to meet you :)
    "Tell us something interesting about you"
    Actually, i'm from Egypt but living in Dubai i love to explore try new things meet new people enjoy new trends and activities as its all just life experience after all. ;)
    "Why do you want do give us a helping hand"
    Because i love this server probably one of the best out there, people here deserve help and i am willing to give everything i have to make it a much better convenient place for new comers to the family of Silkroad-WS as i feel like all the players here are family and need all the helping hands available.
    "What do you think about this server"
    This server is like home to me i dont think i can quit playing this game ever been here so long its a part of my life and its pretty amazing how organised and rules are rules here not a joke and it just makes the gaming experience at its peek of excitement.
    "Is there something you don't like, something what you want to be changed?"
    I honestly would like to see more action in the server like more events new upgrades just that but there is absolutely nothing i don't like of how it is right now
    "Other things that you think that may be nice to read"
    Well best key of being happy is to make people happy as you know what goes around comes around make someone happy and another will make you too. always keep in mind nothing is easy to achieve no one learns from nothing u need to make mistakes to learn you need to fall to stand up thats why enjoy every second of your life no matter bad or happy because you never know what you are going to learn from it. Live it with a smile you will never wish for another person's life. :):)
    SkypeID: karim.el.sherif.1992
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  2. Aeronas

    Aeronas Well-Known Member

    Your application seems to have a nice sense of a mature behavior which is always a positive feature.

    Even though you are from Egypt your English is very proper, I believe that being mature/"profesional" are aspects you should have while you forfill a staff role of any kind.


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