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Alchemy Guide

Discussion in 'Alchemy' started by MuP, May 16, 2013.

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  1. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member

    There are 2 kinds of alchemy, one is a simple “alchemy elixir” and 2nd “stone alchemy.”

    Press Y to open your Alchemy window

    Let’s start with the "alchemy elixirs" :

    There have four different types of elixirs in Silkroad:


    Put item and Intensify Elixir in the alchemy window (Y) in Strengthening part and click on Strengthen .


    Lucky powder: Lucky powder can increase the probability. I advise you can use it from beginning to end!
    You can get it from “the grocery shop “in every city (lucky powder must be same Degree of your item)
    For +6 more i advice you too add steady, lucky and Immortal for prevent the destroy or durability limit.

    Good Luck :)

    Now the 2nd " Stone Alchemy ":

    1: Hunt mobs. They drop Jade Tablets and Ruby Tablets.(and Items)

    2: Dismantle (Disjoint) items , using Destroyer Rondo's (You can get it from “the grocery shop “in every city). You will gain Elements ( Earth/Water/Wind/Fire).
    _ Every Item can be Dismantle but for 11 Degree Elements you need dismantle 11 Degree items. ( for 10D Elements -> 10D items)
    - Items Dismantle can give randomly Attribute / Magic Stones.
    - By dismantle an item, you will lose the item completely.

    PS : Be sure you have enough inventory space

    3: Combine the Tablet and the Elements through alchemy Manufacture ( Y ). You will gain Magic/Attribute Stones (Potions).

    Attribute Stone:
    Magic Stone:

    _Stone have Attribute Assimilation Probability % by alchemy it 10% 20% 30% , it the chance too add stat with no reset other stat.
    _0% Stone can be only droped and 5 % can be win by Dismantle item.

    PS : If you have a item with good stat or good blue i advice you use only 0% Stone

    4: Enhance your item. Put your item in Strengthening combine the Attribute/Magic stone and click on Strengthen ,and hope for the best.


    When the alchemy is successful, the current value resets, and a new value will be determined. This means the result can be higher or lower than the current value.

    _Attribute stone it for the item stat
    _Magic stone it for add blue stat on item
    _Astral/Immortal Stone in Item Mall

    Credit : Sahmaran
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  2. hitkill1

    hitkill1 Green

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