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Advisor Applications WadeWilson

Discussion in 'Apply for Game Advisor' started by mohamed bahaa, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. mohamed bahaa

    mohamed bahaa New Member

    Hey Guys
    "Let us know your name .

    My Name Is Mohamed Call Me Wade ... I'm 20 Years old and I'm Egyptian Player, living in Egypt
    "Tell us something interesting about you" ?

    good English speaker as i'm learning English in my college i would like to be an Advisor in this game to help new players and to stop scammers from taking other people's rights .
    i hope i will be accepted in this job :)
    "What do you think about this server" ?

    i really like this server but i want to make it better by stopping scammers :) :p

    "Is there something you don't like, something what you want to be changed?"

    the only thing that i don't like in this server is that no Egyptian Advisor who can read Arabic screens or speech and understand so i hope i will be an Advisor ^^
    "Other things that you think that may be nice to read"

    i like watching films and playing football and for sure computer games :D
    to add me in facebook or whatsapp : 01275096591 or my yahoo : mohamedben13@yahoo.com
    thanks guys for reading <3
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