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A new beginning - October Update

Discussion in 'Official Notice & Announcement' started by MuP, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. MuP

    MuP Mahna Mahna...m Staff Member


    Howdy everyone! There are a few changes we would like to announce.
    First we decided to unban all characters ever banned, we believe that you've learned your lesson and you won't do bad stuff anymore. And by the way since most players were banned for botting, bot is now allowed, this will also help the new players catch up.

    Then we did a few changes as following...
    Removed Unique Arena (everyone was running in circles) and that's NOT COOL.
    When we implemented UA we didn't expect that you guys won't get out of that place anymore.

    Rebirth was increased to 2500, we know is a bit too much, but, we're also giving new characters 700 Rebirths from start and also we increased the Experience rates with 40% you will be maxed out in no time.

    Another change we're glad to announce is that now you can buy +32 items directly from the Item Forge. Some people may not agree with this change but we strongly believe that this will stop the item selling that's have been going on for a while. We need money to host this server and players selling items doesn't help.

    6x donation rates are now active all the time, we won't do donations events anymore. We believe that 6x is enough to get you started with as little as a few bucks.

    Update 1.11.2017
    From now on every account created will start with 125 RP, we believe that only 10 RP is not enough. And because we care about our old users who started with only 10 RP they will also receive 115 FREE RP!

    Mining for VP and how it works!
    Mining is really easy to understand, all you'll have to do is go on the Item Forge, select the Mining tab and click on Start Mining. This will use your CPU in order to generate hashes, you will be rewarded 5 VP for a certain amount of hashes as shown on the following next video.

    Web alchemy, upgrade your old items!
    Since there are a lot of players with +15 - 20 items on our server and now you can buy +32 items directly from the Item Forge we're glad to announce the implementation of a new way to upgrade your items. It can be used to upgrade any 12 Degree SoSUN item that's already +10 up to to 32 and if it fails it won't go back to 0. On the next video I will show you how it works.

    Thank you for choosing to play on Silkroad.WS for more than 6 years, times changes and so do we.​
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